The world of Thoss, and those who live there.

Some say that Magic is the science of making people believe that which is not true, but I have a different opinion. I suspect that Magic and science are but two sides of the same coin, Magic being the side that is constantly turned away from our view, like the so called ‘dark side’ of the Moon.  Perhaps, in the eleven or so dimensions of spacetime, there is a combination of perception and technique which allows the mind to interface with quantum reality.  In quantum space, particles are coming into existence and being annihilated, all the time.  The only rule seems to be that the end result is zero.  What if, by manipulating this ‘quantum sponge’, we can alter the end probability.  That would mean, with practice, that a ‘Magician’ could make the improbable occur.  So long as the result was possible, the practitioner could make it happen.  Going a step farther, we have learned that ultramicroscopic ‘black holes’ exist.  Perhaps, with the proper concentration and knowledge, a ‘spell’ could be cast that opened a ‘portal’ to another place. The closer the destination in time and space, the easier it would be to do.

Perhaps this manipulation is beyond human capacity.  If it could be done, it would require some ‘agency’, a being or device, that could interface with the mind and with quantum space.  That being or device could then act as a ‘translator’ from our primitive minds to the vast, impossibly complex, realm of quantum mechanics.  That would make such a wonderful Epic Fantasy novel, that i’ve set out to write it.

I’m not a writer, so it probably won’t be all that great, but I’ve got friends who are world class writers.  (Autumn M Birt, for one)  If I can get enough help, maybe I can make this a reality..  Time and effort alone will tell.

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